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Quest2 Games on AppLab

ZOSU Ocean: Explore 30 levels to see and save over 100 types of fish, 60 minutes+ of gameplay.  Released 5/19/2022

ZOSU Ocean on Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus

ZOSULand 20ZZ:  Fly, Climb, and Grapple across over 10 miles of futuristic cities to save animals! 36 levels with over 70 minutes of gameplay.  Recent major update 5/23/2022 for gameplay and mechanics!

ZOSULand 20ZZ on Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus

ZOSU Zoo: Simple zoo experience with over 40 land animals with random spawners on 100 fish available as a bonus.  Find all 50 eagles to help the zookeeper! Released 5/22/22

ZOSU Zoo on Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus

Quest2 Games in development:

-Destroy anything game with destruction events generated based on collison location,

-Desert adventure,

-TBD plot photoscan game (rending many HD scans using LIDAR)

+ Pre-pending ZOSU Ocean Demo and ZOSULand 20ZZ Demos on Applab

CoverImageSafeAreaTemplateLandscape wv2.png
sky1 2560.png


- Quest2 on Applab

- Note: submitted to Oculus Rift Store

ZOSU VR Explosive Bow Hunting - PCVR (Oculus Rift)

2.5 miles of hunting experience! Now on , currently pending review and submitted to Oculus Rift Store.  Conversion to Steam store is now underway 

VR Explosive Bow Hunt by ZOSUStudios (

ZOSULand 20ZZ - Quest2 on Applab

Fly, climb, and grapple across over 10 miles of cities to save animals from the invasion! Recent update 5/23/2022

ZOSULand 20ZZ on Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus



WebGL game creation for games playable right off of a web browser.  No advertisements, free, and multiple games!

All of these free 3D html games work on mobile devices

ZOSUStudios -

ZOSU Zoo - Quest2 on AppLab

Casual and simple zoo experience with over 40 land animals to see and over 100 types of finish on a limited random spawner per session.  Help the zookeeper find all 50 eagles! 

ZOSU Zoo on Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus

3D Modeling for VR

Working with different 3D modeling tools for VR integration.  Ranging from various cellphone 3D scanning applications to the use of Blender opensource software or Gravity Sketch for 3D modeling inside of a VR environment.

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ZOSU Studios

ZOSU Studios LLC

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About Our Business

ZOSU Studios is an independent (Indie) game company established in 2021 for the love of gaming and especially virtual reality game creation.  Projects include Oculus Quest2, PCVR Oculus Rift, WebGL, Android, Asset Creation, and more.  

The company vision is to create wholesome gaming experiences that enrich lives.

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